The Sanctuary, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Boca Raton

Pool Deck Resurfacing for The Sanctuary Residents

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The Sanctuary, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Boca Raton

Is your pool on your property in The Sanctuary and the actual sanctuary? If not, it can be possible with our team at SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Boca Raton. First, we will help you inspect the pool area and any improvements that can be made. Second, we listen to your request and the service you want us to perform. Finally, we work around the design and planning of the project. While you worry about how you want the pool to look, we worry about how to make it possible within your budget.

Above all the things you could invest money in, your pool area is most likely the best. It will increase property value and allow you to have better experiences that you and your family can enjoy. In case you own a commercial pool, providing guests and clients with great spaces is crucial to keep them loyal and happy.

How do we help you make all this possible? We will work on your project step by step and despite the issues or limitations you may have, our team will find alternatives. Unless you have an unlimited budget or specific requests, you want us to comply fully. We can bring you some variations or alternatives. We are here to accommodate your needs and preferences so that you can balance how much you put into your pool area. But this is your project, so we do what you think is best and want for your space—as long as it is safe too.

Working with Reliable Professionals for Pool Acid Wash

If your pool has grime, algae, and sediment everywhere, pool acid wash is a must. While cleaning and regular maintenance are enough to keep the feature running and in a good state, grime is not easy to remove.

Whenever your bottom is covered in sediment or algae is abundant in your pool, they need to be removed with a mix of chemicals. However, it cannot be applied by anyone as the pool must be drained, the mix shouldn’t have negative reactions, and brushing is needed.

Our SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Boca Raton team takes care of the project for you. Hence, you don’t have to worry about how it is done and if the result will be optimal. You can relax and expect us to handle the issue for you.

We have been helping pool owners with this acid washing for over a decade, but we started with pool deck resurfacing and pool lighting above all. For this reason, you can contact us when needing these services or trying to tackle any of these projects:

  • Pool remodeling.
  • Pool heater installation.
  • Pool bubblers installation.
  • And many more.

In general, you can count on our team for services around repairs, resurfacing, maintenance, and aesthetics. Call or email us today for more information or fill out our contact form to request a service and our team’s support.