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Pool Acid Wash, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Boca Raton

Washing your pool is needed after a few years. Or when you notice that grime and sediment have started to build up. However, you aren’t always able to perform pool acid wash, which will solve the issue in no time. Some finishing in your pool can be damaged or completely removed. Hence, you want to inspect the pool and then take on the service and process. At SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Boca Raton, we take our time inspecting your pool to determine how chemicals will affect it.

Acid washing has become quite the needed service in the area for multiple reasons. One is how you need to focus on keeping your pool clean and in good condition. This usually cannot be achieved if you have grime and sediment built up, considering how they stick to the surface. Hence, chemicals and brushing are required in most cases.

Our team makes the entire process easier and safe for everyone involved. Since you cannot mix any random chemicals for multiple reasons—like health problems and effectiveness—you want our contractors to bring it the right mix. Then, we will spray it and start scrubbing to remove all the dirt. But we must first inspect your pool and see its condition. Secondly, focus on how effective the washing would be based on what we see so that you don’t damage the pool because of it.

Finally, we decide what to do next in case your pool is quite damaged from the grime and the final wash. Pool refinishing is often the common step when you have performed multiple acid washing, for example.

How Complex Is Pool Acid Wash?

It isn’t only about the complexity but also safety. You need to make sure that the chemicals used can be mixed. Otherwise, getting a negative reaction that can lead to intoxication is very likely.

Additionally, not all chemicals work for the same purpose. While chlorine can be mixed with some substances—although it shouldn’t be most of the time—other components like hydrochloric acid don’t work the same way. Therefore, our professionals will take the time to determine how the mix should be done, so you get a clean result in this process.

Hydrochloric acid, or muriatic acid, is the main substance as it sticks to the grime and sediment. All the algae can be easily removed with it as well.

You can expect us to follow a similar process like this:

  • Inspect your pool and see its condition.

We need to know how much sediment and grime your pool has built up. Then, get a solution for it. The chemical mix will differ based on the amount of grime we are dealing with.

  • Our company empties your pool and checks for repairs and extra services.

Contractors will proceed to empty the water feature and focus on any damage we need to handle. 

  • Spray the chemicals.

We sprayed all the chemicals and let it sit for several minutes.

  • Start scrubbing.

Scrubbing and brushing the entire pool will be needed so we can remove the grime.

  • Clean the chemicals.

We wash the entire pool and focus on removing the chemicals.

  • We fill the pool with water.

Once all is clean and done, we proceed to fill all the water again so that you can use your pool again.

How Much Will You Spend on Pool Acid Wash?

The best part about the service is that it isn’t actually expensive. Getting your acid washing done for less than $200 90% of the time is possible. In general, you get to experience the whole process and service for about $187, but this will depend on your pool’s condition and how much cleaning it requires.

More grime and sediment means more work. Therefore, we have to consider how much time and product the washing will take and get you an estimate from there. Your pool type and size also matter. Hence, we have multiple factors to keep in mind so that you can get a fair and specific price.

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At SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Boca Raton, we focus on how to customize the process. You can schedule a visit with our team for this and have them inspect the pool while providing the estimate. In case you want us to work with the regular estimation system, you need to give us all the details and information about your pool.

By all means, you must include photos of your pool if you are contacting us via email or contact form. Or you can let us know on a scale we give you how dirty your pool is so that our team can picture the situation.

To clarify, the inspection is not 100% needed and the same goes for the photos. However, this would make your process and ours better and easier, especially when you want us to be fast in what we are doing.

That being said, a single wash on a pool that isn’t too dirty costs around $130 to $150. Some grime and algae that shows can go up to $200 and a quite dirty and not taken care of pool to $250.

How to Contact Us for Pool Acid Wash

Use our phone numbers, emails, or contact forms. We are here to ensure you get all the support and attention needed to relax and have your pool washed in no time.

Our estimate is completely free. As long as you let us know if you want one or just know if we offer the service, we will be there to provide it. The same goes for the visit to your property and how we can check and inspect the pool.

Since we started our company, we have been offering pool acid wash. Therefore, rest assured our team knows what they are doing and how to do it right.